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Vibrant new hair color options.
At our salon we stock all of the latest color trends. Pastel hues are all the rage, so whether you want Pink, Aqua, or Purple, we are the salon to visit. We now are promoting a great new color product called SoColor Cult, it comes in semi, demi and permanent options. So this way you can determine if you want a new look for a short time or permanently. There are to many colors to show  you on our website, so please call us and come in for a free color consultation and let us show you the entire color palette we have in stock.
Check out our client feedback on our site as well as Google + and Facebook. We guarantee you will love what we can do for your hair.


Color Melting
Check out the hottest new color technique out there. Color melting allows us to mirror the natural hair color. Its a specialized process where we apply multiple colors to the hair shaft creating a natural blended look. You no longer have the standard demarcation lines from where your old hair color meets your new color. Also we can create any type of color you want using this technique and still make it look natural. Come into the salon or call us for an appointment.






This type of hair color highlights are painted on to the hair in a sweeping manner, you get a much more natural look.  A proper Balayage service should be very close and soft at the root leading to a thicker highlight at the ends of the hair.


What are the 2018 Hottest Color Styles and Cuts

Hot New Color Trends

Cold Brew Browns- this is a multi-dimensional  brown tones  that have a warm wash of red to make for a rich mahogany type color.

Mauve champagne- this is  blonde balayage type hair color, the mauve highlights give it a unique holographic effect and when the mauve fades back to champagne, the color is easier to maintain.

Dimensional Reds- Keeping your base color a level or two darker than the ends of the hair, while adding in two to four various red color formulations at varying levels with the base and end formula will create a very real dimension of the red loving clients.

Why hair coloring home may not work for you.


The challenge with trying to do your own hair color, is that individuals all have different types of hair color and texture. When you purchase a hair color product  at the grocery store, the picture on the box may not be how your current hair color looks; because the company has no idea what your base hair color currently is, so they give you some ideas in their directions, but it's a best guess. When you come into a salon, we look at your current hair color, we want to know if you have used hair color before, what is your hair texture, what final color are you looking to have?  We need to evaluate all of these options before we can customize a color formula for you.  Our stylists are licensed and have years of experience at mixing formulas, and we know what colors will work with your type of hair. There are so many different hair color brands, and options out there, each salon will specialize in only a few select color products. The reason we do that is that, is  we need to know how these products work and what they will do, once they are applied to our client's hair. We cannot possibly know all of the products on the market, so we focus on a few different high quality products that we have experience with using.  While we know coloring your hair at home can be less expensive; by coming to a professional salon you are paying for our knowledge, as well as the products. Your hair is such an important part of your face, and your overall looks, please take the time to treat it right and visit a professional salon.

What is Corrective Color service?


If you are not currently happy with your existing hair color, either because the salon you went to had an inexperienced stylists color your hair, or maybe your hair had a bad chemical reaction to the product they used,  or maybe you tried to color your own hair.  At our salon, we know these challenges happen every day to good people, so that is why we do offer corrective color services. We will provide you with a free initial consultation, and we may need to test some strands of your hair before we can even offer a solution.  We will always be honest with you, and tell you what options you have to correct the problem. Corrective color is a very hard and time consuming process. Only a very experienced Master Colorist can do these services correctly.  The cost of the services will be quoted to you during the initial consultation, and the services can run 2 hours or longer. We must ask that you plan for this in your appointment. 


Client Feedback
"Robyn has been a dream first helping me to my hair and then helping me transition to gray with grace. I'm in my fifties and getting more compliments on my hair than ever before!"  Posted by Stacy Wood July 2018

Client FeedBack
" I promise you, if you go to Dawn's, you will leave with the most beautiful hair. I was never let down once after any of my appointments, whether I am dyeing my hair a crazy color or if I want my hair done for a school dance. Everyone is so friendly, it is a comfortable environment, and you will leave the place smiling.  Posted by Gabbi Stokes  May 2018

Client Feedback
I started going to Dawn's 24 years ago. When I moved 40 miles away I tried a local salons but they couldn't compare to Dawn's so now I drive 40 miles to Dawn's to get my hair done. It's worth the drive! Everyone is so friendly and I can always get an appointment when I need it. Posted by Melissa Dentzel Levy.

About Us

Client Testimonials
Their is no better compliment that you can give our salon than to refer us a new customer. We value every single person who comes through our doors. At Dawn's Hair Design we will always greet by your first name and you are never just a number. Our quality and service our guaranteed. If you are unhappy with any cut, style or color, let us know and we will fix it or give you a full refund.

What Makes Us Different
Their are three full time stylists at our salon, each of them have over 25 years of experience. At our salon you will never get a cut or color from an "assistant or recent beauty school graduate."  At our salon each of stylists attends classes and shows regularly to learn all of the newest color options and newest styles from all over the country. Only experienced stylists who have worked in the beauty industry for many years can  understand how to apply and use these experiences to give our clients the look and feel that makes them want to conquer the day.

Master Colorist
Very few people in the beauty industry understand know how to use color services as good as Dawn. She is truly a master colorist and has the experience and satisfied customers to prove it. Clients come from all over to seek her professional experience at new colors or to provide corrective color services and fix others mistakes. Your hair is such an important part of who you are, don't risk it to an inexperienced person. Understanding and applying the right type of color services is an art and you need to meet with a master artist who can show you what will work best. Call today for a consultation, you will  not regret it.


Bridal- Consultations
So you are getting ready for your big day and your nervous and want everything to be perfect.  At Dawn's Hair Salon you can be sure we will do exactly what you need done to look perfect on your wedding day. We have done hundreds of brides over the last 25 years and we know what works best for every type of dress, veil or occasion. Call us for a free consultation and let's discuss your big day.  We have lots of different pictures and videos we can show you on our Ipad.

Bridal Packages and Pricing
We know you have alot to worry about on the big day and we want to take the stress off you and your bridesmaids. At our salon we will custom our hours to accomadate your special day and we offer discounts to the bride and mother-of the bride based on the size of your bridal party. Call us today and let's schedule a consultation and go over all of your options for the most special day of your life.

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